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About LEI

Working from his garage in Tulsa, OK, Curley Hatch specialized in the repair of small electric motors and went on to found Curley Electric Motor Service in 1945. Bill Jackson, a long-time customer, purchased the business in 1971 and relocated to 1118 E. Independence in Tulsa. Mr. Jackson later sold the business to his son, Bill Lay, in 1984.

In 2001, Tom Lay, one of Bill Jackson's grandsons, founded a web-based company called e-motorsonline. This revolutionary facet allowed them to expand their footprint both domestically and internationally. Tom and his brother, Mike, went on to purchase Curley Electric in 2003. Shawn Lay, Mike's son, now oversees a new operations facility in the North Texas area.

In 2010, LEI relocated their headquarters into a 14,500 sq. ft. facility, from which they conduct their business both in the states and abroad. This new plant also houses a climate-controlled UL 508 panelshop. The company, Layco Electric Innovations, now is comprised of three divisions:


Layco Electric Innovations (LEI)

LEI is a value-added reseller and packager of electric motor, motor control, and power distribution solutions. LEI's expertise extends from your building service entrance to your electric motor drive shaft.


Curley Electric Motor Service

Curley Electric Motor Service (CEMS) is a regional plant services organization that specializes in troubleshooting and repairing your electric motors, servomotors, and motor controllers. Curley Electric is an active member of EASA and is UL certified to modify explosion-proof motors. CEMS houses our circuit board and servomotor repair facilities.



e-MotorsOnline is our web-based electric motors and industrial controls distribution business that specializes in providing high-quality technical assistance from our experienced application specialists, who are ready to provide the solutions that you need.