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Power Quality

Surge Protective Devices

The necessity for facility-wide surge protection has continued to grow with the ever-increasing use of microprocessors and other sensitive electronic equipment.

These sensitive electronic components are used within many pieces of equipment, including computers, programmable logic controllers and other commonly used electrical and electronic devices.

Surges can cause catastrophic failures, process interruptions and premature aging leading to failure. The application of surge protective devices (SPDs) can mitigate problems with sensitive elec¬tronic equipment, keeping the equipment and the related processes up and running reliably without disruption or damage due to surge-related events.

LEI can assist you with properly locating and sizing of SPDs. We offer both low voltage and medium voltage products. SPDs can be integrated in your distribution equipment or installed as stand-alone devices

Your equipment and process is too valuable to leave unprotected.  LEI can help you install SPDs today.

Power Factor Capacitors

As utilities continue expand power factor penalties, power factor correction capacitors have become an essential part of modern electric power systems. Power factor correction capacitors are the simplest and most economical means of increasing the capacity of any power system, minimizing energy losses and correcting load power factor. 

Like all power quality solutions, there are many factors that need to be considered when determining which solution will be best to solve your power factor problem.  We will be happy to complete a site survey for you today. 

Power factor capacitors may help you lower your electric bill today.

Power and Energy Meters

Harmonics, voltage sags, and transient over-voltage conditions can all wreak havoc on your equipment and processes. Electronic meters provide accurate real-time system values, capture waveforms of system events, and display data directly on the device through on-board Web servers or through a software monitoring solution.

If properly selected and utilized, power and energy meters can also assist in qualifying for LEED credits. Contact an LEI associate today for more information.

Electronic metering gives you the information required to make informed and proactive decisions for your facility.